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Congelador vertical Electrolux EUF2744AOX, 229L,


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Electrolux EUF2744AOX, Independiente, Vertical, Acero inoxidable, LCD, 228 L, 250 L

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Electrolux EUF2744AOX. Diseño: Independiente, Tipo: Vertical, Color del producto: Acero inoxidable. Congelador, capacidad neta: 228 L, Congelador, capacidad bruta: 250 L, Capacidad de congelación: 20 kg/24h. Tipo de lámpara: LED. Clase de eficiencia de energía: A+, Carga conectada: 160 W, Voltaje de entrada AC: 230 V. Ancho: 595 mm, Profundidad: 658 mm, Altura: 1859 mm
The design of the protective casing for the device.
Characteristics of the device.
Color del producto
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Acero inoxidable
Tipo de visualizador
Type of display (screen) e.g. LCD.
Congelador, capacidad neta
The usable storage space of the freezer.
228 L
Congelador, capacidad bruta
The total capacity of the freezer, this is the sum of the capacity for food storage and the capacity of the freezer walls etc.
250 L
Capacidad de congelación
The freezing power is the weight of fresh food that the freezer can freeze from room temperature down to mentioned temperature in 24 hours. It is usually measured in kilograms/24 hours.
20 kg/24h
Clase climática
Every fridge freezer has a climate class. This is designation according to the range of room temperatures (usually measured in degrees Celsius) the freezer is designed to work within. Climate classes are set by an international standard and designated according to range from 10°C to 43°C to cover hotter and colder countries.
Sistema de descongelado
The fridge or freezer automatically defrosts.
Función de congelado rápido
The Fast Freeze function is ideal for freezing fresh food straight from your garden or the supermarket. Lowers the temperature of the freezer to freeze any newly added fresh food quickly. This function preserves the flavour, nutritional value and texture of the food, whilst protecting already frozen food.
Luz interior
A light that comes on when you open a door of the product.
Tipo de lámpara
Alarma temperatura
Control de energía
Clase de eficiencia de energía
The energy efficiency of the appliance is rated in terms of a set of energy efficiency classes from A+++ to G on the label, A+++ being the most energy efficient, G the least efficient.
Carga conectada
The energy consumed when the device is connected.
160 W
Voltaje de entrada AC
The voltage of the AC electricity that is inpitted into the product.
230 V
Frecuencia de entrada AC
50 Hz
Peso y dimensiones
Height of the product
1859 mm
The distance from the front to the back of something.
658 mm
The measurement or extent of something from side to side.
595 mm