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Rowenta Infini Pro Elite, Negro, Hanging loop, 2200 W

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Rowenta Infini Pro Elite. Color del producto: Negro, Hanging type: Hanging loop. Potencia: 2200 W
Color del producto
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Número de velocidades
The different speeds that the device can operate at.
Ajuste de calefacción
The different levels at which the device can heat e.g. low/medium/high.
Para colgar
Tipo de colgador
Hanging loop
Sistema de calefacción de cerámica
Ceramic heaters are space heaters that generate heat by passing electricity through heating wires embedded in ceramic plates. The plates heat aluminium baffles, and a fan blowing across the baffles heats the air. Ceramic heaters are usually portable and typically used for heating a room or small office, and are similar to metal-coil fan heaters.
Función iónica
Ionic function is a feature of a hair/climatic appliances to reduce the amount of static electricity build-up in the hair/air.
Función de disparo frío
Cool shot is a function of a hair dryer which turns off the heater and blows room temperature air while the button is pressed. This function is useful in helping to maintain the hairstyle by setting it.
Control de energía
Energy that is produced by mechanical, electrical, or other means and used to operate a device.
2200 W
Contenido del empaque
Boquilla concentradora
A nozzle used to concentrate the flow of something from/to the product.
Difusor de la boquilla
Nozzles (cylindrical or round spouts) used in a diffusing device, such as an air diffuser used in a heating system for a home/office.