Teclado y ratón Logitech 920-004513 Wireless Deskt


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Logitech MK270, RF inalámbrico, Hogar, QWERTY, Español, PC/server, Estándar

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Logitech MK270. Interfaz del dispositivo: RF inalámbrico, Uso recomendado: Hogar, Diseño de teclado: QWERTY. Color del producto: Negro. Alcance inalámbrico: 10 m. Interfaz de receptor inalámbrico: USB, Tipo de receptor: Nano. Alimentación: Batería, Ratón tipo de batería: AA, Teclado tipo de batería: AAA

Interfaz del dispositivo
The ports (sockets) where the device connects with other devices.
RF inalámbrico
Uso recomendado
What the product should be used for, and how it should be used (e.g. ambient temperature).
Diseño de teclado
The type of keys on a keyboard, and their position on the keyboard. This can differ from country to country.
Idioma del teclado
The letters which are marked on the keys for convenience of the keyboard usage with specific language.
Utilizar con
What the product is used for.
Formato del teclado
Keyboard size, e.g. standard, mini.
Estilo de teclado
The style of the keyboard e.g. straight, curved.
Teclas de acceso directo
Teclado resistente a líquidos
Altura de teclado ajustable
Teclado numérico
Small, palm-sized, seventeen key section of a computer keyboard, usually on the very far right. The numeric keypad features digits 0 to 9, addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/) symbols, a decimal point (.) and Num Lock and Enter keys. Laptop keyboards often do not have a numpad, but may provide numpad input by holding a modifier key (typically labelled "Fn") and operating keys on the standard keyboard.
Frecuencia de banda
A small section of the spectrum of radio communication frequencies, in which channels are usually used or set aside for the same purpose e.g.for a channel on FM radio; for mobile networks to communicate with mobile phones.
Color del producto
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Conectar y usar (Plug and Play)
Indicates whether this product supports is "plug and play". Plug and play is hardware or software that, after being installed ("plugged in"), can immediately be used ("played with"), as opposed to hardware or software which requires configuration.
Alcance inalámbrico
10 m
Interfaz de receptor inalámbrico
Receptor unificador
Tipo de receptor
Describes type of receiver which is a device for picking up an external signal.
Control de energía
What the power source is.
Ratón tipo de batería
Teclado tipo de batería
Número de pilas (ratón)
Número de pilas (teclado)
Ratón incluido
A mouse is included with this product.
Rueda de desplazamiento
Move displayed text or graphics in a particular direction on a computer screen in order to view different parts of them.
Tipo de desplazamiento
Type of scroll in computer input device, e.g. wheel, touch.
Empaquetado de datos
Receptor incluido
The product includes a receiver, which is a device for picking up an external signal.
Manual de usuario